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Online Course Selling Marketplace

Hamden Tech provides the best online tutoring software, as well as course-selling features that enable tutors to sell self-paced courses. Admin can add subjects and course categories for tutors to use when creating, uploading, and selling online courses to students. Comparable to online learning marketplaces such as Udemy.

Some key features include:

1. Webinar classes for groups-

Allow tutors to schedule and run live 1-to-many webinars and group classes in real time. Tutors can use the tutor dashboard to create webinars, set topics, descriptions, banners, schedules, entry fees, and the maximum number of participants allowed.

2. Live 1-on-1 classes-

Tutors can use live tutoring software to conduct 1-on-1 live classes via video conferencing and teach students in real-time using interactive features. After reviewing tutor profiles and subject expertise, students/parents can book live class appointments.

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