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Progressive Web Applications are the future of mobile applications. With the number of apps in the App Store and Play Market continuing to grow, it's becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to make their apps visible鈥攁nd for customers to find the application they need. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are a new way to develop applications that work on any device and even offline. They are more reliable, faster, and more accessible than ordinary mobile apps.


At Hamden Technology, we have been developing mobile applications since 2019 and have gained extensive ability in all stages of the development process. We have developed over 50 projects with distinct levels of complexity, from simple web apps to complex platforms with end-to-end functionality and high availability requirements.

Our team has extensive experience in:

         Analysis & Strategy



         Testing & Quality Assurance

         Maintenance & Support


Web applications are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a wide range of advantages over traditional mobile apps. PWAs are universal, fast, and have great visual content. They can be used on any device and do not require installation or permission to run in the background; all you need is a browser.


In a nutshell, a progressive web app is a website designed to look like an app loaded on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. As a result, PWAs transmit push alerts and feature a home screen icon. Progressive web applications, on the other hand, are simpler and faster than standard mobile apps鈥攁nd they can be shared via a URL.


PWA developers create outstanding web applications because they offer app-like navigation and rich visual content. This is accomplished by JavaScript files known as service workers, which enable offline program execution and data storage.