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Resort Management System

A comprehensive resort management system assists resorts in carrying out and managing various operations. Reservations, maintenance, staff shifts, amenities, and housekeeping are examples of these. It also allows you to create seasonal packages, receive commission-free bookings, and much more. Essentially, resort software changes the way resorts operate by increasing staff productivity and the ability to provide quality service to guests.

How would a resort management system increase the revenue of your resort?

1.     You can sell a variety of seasonal packages. With our resort management software, you can manage multiple seasonal packages and promotions to attract more guests.

2.     Your group reservations are easily handled. Resorts like yours see a lot of groups staying there. With Hamden's developers, you'll have a resort system that makes managing these groups and their reservations a breeze.

3.     Your "Pay at Hotel" reservations are properly managed. Our resort software allows you to send an online payment link to your guests, which they can use to make payments of any amount, thereby simplifying payment collection, particularly for "Pay at Hotel" bookings.

4.     Last-minute no-shows and cancellations are reduced. You may lose significant bookings and revenue as a result of incorrect credit card information. Our resort system will automatically validate the credit card information you provide, saving you from last-minute no-shows and cancellations.

5.     Vouchers and bills in the language and currency of the guests' choice. The resort property management software includes a multi-lingual and multi-currency feature that enables you to accept payments in any currency and print vouchers in the language of your guests' choice.

6.     You can get more direct bookings.

Our sophisticated resort booking engine generates an unlimited number of direct bookings from your website. Furthermore, it is integrated with Facebook, which allows you to get bookings from there as well.

7.     Your data is safe from unauthorized access. When your system is used by a large number of people, there is always a security risk. Our resort property management software has data access authorizations and privileges to keep your data secure.

8.     Go the extra mile for your visitors. Your guests can easily request pick-up and drop-off from the guest self-service portal using our resort management software. And you can handle all of these requests with ease.

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