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At Hamden Technology Services, we specialize in SaaS development, which is the creation of cloud-based applications.

SaaS Development Services

With a real-time growth rate of 18% per year, the SaaS market is the fastest-growing sector for startups that offer cloud-based solutions to consumers and organizations. SaaS, or software as a service, is a model for using the Internet to access web applications.

Concisely, the cloud server's software hosts made it possible for any individual to access it using a browser. Users don't need to install the program on their devices because the host takes care of updates and maintenance.


The building of cloud-based apps is known as SaaS development. It involves the production of documentation as well as design, development, testing, and server deployment. SaaS applications are apps running on a cloud infrastructure requires no infrastructure requirement from users accessible via both a web browser or a program interface unlimitedly scalable as per NIST requirements The backend is multi-tenant (a feature that allows for sharing costs and resources)

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